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Currency exchange

When you have decided which property to buy, you will be given the price for that property in Euros, and the equivalent price in sterling, at that day's exchange rate.  However, the property could cost more than you had planned should the Euro strengthen or become cheaper if sterling strengthens.  Especially when working to a fixed budget, it may be worth considering fixing the exchange rate for all your future stage payments.  This can be done in various ways.


Buy all of the currency now on a 'spot contract'.  You would hold the currency on deposit and send payments when they are due from your Euro account.  You would need to have all the funds available.


Buy as much currency as you can afford now and reserve an exchange rate for the remaining payments ('forward buying').  This can be done through your bank where you 'buy' the currency now but pay for it on a set date.  As there is not any charge, as this would only be applied should you not take the amount on the date that you have booked it.  This exchange rate is not quite as good as a 'spot contract' but does guarantee that you know the price of the property.


Use a specialist currency broker such as Halewoods in the UK.





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