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For families intending to make their home in Spain, state education is free but is only conducted in Spanish.  However, this does not seem to present a problem for young children who seem to pick-up the language quickly.  Attending a Spanish school is one of the best ways of ensuring that both the child and in most cases, the family, become integrated into the local Spanish community.  It is often a good idea for the family and especially the children to have some Spanish lessons prior to coming to Spain.  In Spain, children must attend the school closest to where they live, so if you decide to live in an area full of British ex-pats, you are likely to find plenty of British children in the local school.  In order to get your child into a Spanish school, you will need all the necessary paperwork, proof of residency (usually in the form of proof of address), the child�s full birth certificate, passport, photos and immunisation record.  For specific information, it is best to contact the school direct or the appropriate Town Hall.  If the child is older or in the middle of a GCSE or �A� Level course, it may be advisable to consider an International school.  Fees for day students are usually cheaper than in the UK and you will have the advantage of having your child privately educated.  These schools also tend to offer qualifications better known to UK universities.  Some schools offer a system of English and Spanish curricular which enables students to be qualified for either Spain or the UK.





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